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Check Out What’s in Stock

Check Out What’s in Stock

We go all out to provide our customers with the best Doggi products at competitive prices. Search the inventory on our site, and if you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, send us a message.


    Owner/Momma Bear

    If you visit DAB Dogs Doggi Deli, chances are high your dog will meet Becki first. Always ready to fuss your best friend on entry, can usually be seen taking over the social media with dog spots or new treat shout outs! With a background of working with dogs in rescue, Becki is always ready to chat to you about behaviour and nutrition. 


    Owner/Dog Dad

    If you hang around outside the Deli you'll probably bump into Danny. Always building something new or meeting new customers, Danny is Mr on-the-go. With never ending energy on his side, Dan is the guy to talk to about exercising your dogs the right way, and what toys to use to keep them active.


    Top toy tester

    Born into rescue at Cheshire Dogs Home, Axl is a mix of Retriever, German Shepherd and St Bernard. With a good working instinct, a tremendous nose and a love of anything that moves or squeaks... Axl is top dog when it comes to trying out the most useful and enjoyable toys. 


    Top snacker, Queen of the accessories

    Brought to Cheshire Dogs Home as a stray off the streets, Ada is an ex breeding Frenchie with the scars to prove it. With a history of being severely underweight Ada is now our top food tester. As she doesn't have much of a toy play drive from undersocialisation, Ada has to find ways to entertain herself with new chews, flavours and food games instead. 

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