About Us...

Ever wondered what the 'DAB' in DAB Dogs actually stands for?

It stands for us; Danny, Axl, Ada, and Becki, because that's what we're all about, our dogs, and our little family.

The story of us actually starts in a dog rescue home....that's where all 4 of us met.

The human part of us met whilst working together to help care for, rehabilitate, and rehome dogs.

Axl was adopted first, born into rescue, he knew nothing different than kennel life.

Ada came a year later, a stray off the back of a transfer van. Ada chose us the second she jumped off that van and into our arms.

It was the rescue environment that pushed us into finding ways to keep dogs happy and stimulated. Exercise in rescue is difficult, and energetic, kenneled dogs need other ways to keep their minds busy.

Natural treats for positive reinforcement without additives and poor nutrition, natural chews to keep dogs preoccupied and help work out frustrations, enrichment toys to help dogs get the most out of play even when time is scarce, and the right walking gear and accessories to help even the most nervous or strong dogs walk comfortably.....all became the most useful tools in day to day kennel life.

So became our passion for providing new owners with the best help in keeping their new friends happy and content....and so became DAB Dogs.

We opened the DAB Dogs Doggi Deli in July 2019, as a base for our products and a place for us to chat to owners about what we believe keeps dogs happy.